The DSR sound system was born from a love of underground dance music in all its myriad forms and further inspired by the DIY spirit of Reggae sound system culture.

Being based in the sunny metropolis of Glasgow you can’t help but be influenced by the diversity of its vibrant and friendly club scene and our DJs and producers like to mix up different styles in the tradition of the city that we live in.

Migrating south from the north east our crew have all been involved in the Scottish club scene for many years whether it be through DJing, Producing, Promoting or just sweating it out on the dance floor every weekend. As a group we maintain a down to earth positive attitude and an independent spirit. We manage ourselves, handle our own bookings and promotions and in the near future we aim to launch our own record label.

Whether we’re DJing, preforming live or running our custom built rig our mission remains the same.

To bring quality sounds to your party.

Don’t Stop Raving.

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