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The final pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are connecting - Yes, that’s right we have some shiny new speakers.

We have just received four new 15” Stern low mid boxes, designed and manufactured by some of the finest speaker builders in the UK (and notorious party starters) “The Dub Smugglers”.

Some of you may have caught them if you have ventured to Croatia for the infamous Outlook or Dimensions festivals, or if you came down to Transits 5th birthday party in the Tunnels where we provided weight for the Manchester based crew.

True to style we are sticking with the same aesthetics of stripped back, wooden finish cabinets with only a few coatings of Danish oil for protection against grubby ravers hands and spilt rum.

Further to that we have are close to completing the sub section with the acquisition of the final two Megatron scoops, taking us up to 8 in total.

"These monsters give the rig its girth," says Derek, who's still still trying to get his head around the scary notion that we have built up so much weight in this section....

If any of you have got close up and personal with our stacks you may have noticed the level of finish on these cabs. This is accredited to their designer and manufacturer PBS Audio. Sam has got some mad skills, not just in the fine details of the build, but in the design of these boxes.. They sing when those low notes are playing.

On the amplification side for all you sound geeks we use the Powersoft K10 to power our kick section. We like to have plenty power with headroom as a rule of thumb here at DSR.

We stick to the classic Void Infinite 8 Mk2 for powering the subs, this is a very heavy and robust design and being an analogue amp it has a certain warmth which compliments the Megatron scoops in a true dub style.

DSR has come such a long way since the original black rig in 2010. We have cut, shut, sanded and modified our speakers and upgraded all of the amps and signal processing. In fact, the only original part of the 2010 system is our modified and characteristic top boxes which we hold dear to our hearts.

Check out some of the pictures and also in our services you can see how to contact us for booking enquiries.

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