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With a firm eye on a DSR studio workshop space in Glasgow, the first mission was to source premises to create our already visualised headquarters. This may seem like a straight forward task to most; however, when you are trying to combine a studio and workshop facility under one roof options soon become limited (as we were soon found out)…

The first potential premises that was brought to our attention was on a commercial property website. We were alerted to the premisses through a friend who found himself in the same territory as us only he was aiming to run a radio station. The property struck us as familiar when we first studied it on the website and when we walked down to scope the place out the penny dropped - this was where the Unit once was. As hazy nostalgia hit us from patchy memory vaults desire immediately struck us; the infamous after hours rave space oozed character and history. After speaking with the neighbouring tenants the official application was instated. Eager for a response, our excitement soon spiralled into doubt and negativity as the commercial company did not seem to want another music related business operating in the complex. This was most likely out of fear of the continuation of the illegal after parties. Months went by as we scoured property websites and arranged countless viewings of alternative premises. However, the dream appeared to be slipping as there was no space that was as suitable as the Unit.

Point break was reached and breached and action had to be taken! We upped our efforts in the pursuit of the old Unit and, after a bombardment of tactically formatted emails and persistent phone calls, a viewing of the property was granted. “Finally,” we thought, as the initial excitement came rushing back. After meeting at the premises we experienced a mixture of emotions as we saw the potential to build our vision. Now though, we faced the huge uphill task of converting this abandoned, chemical-ridden rave space into a healthy, functioning business venture.

Regardless, good impressions were made and we managed to assure the property manager that we were trustworthy and had no intention of continuing the ten year thread of debauchery. The lease was rapidly agreed and we were the legal tenants of the former and notorious Unit.

This is where the hard work began. We had the wonderful prospect of dealing with the still standing but chemically-infused rotten toilets at the back of the arch. Not even the iconic scene in Trainspotting where Renton visits the “worst toilet in Scotland” is comparable here. Breathing masks, gloves and waterproof covers were donned and we got the business done. Once we had a clear shell it was time to turbo blast the entire inside surfaces with a diesel powered pressure washer. Naively, we hired a machine for one day but the reality of the situation soon sunk in as we discovered just how glued on the Techno Gunk really was. Seven days later and multiple gallons of fuel down, the task was complete and we had a space to build upon.

It took us four months to complete the build with huge support from friends and family. On completion, we were proud to say that we did it all ourselves, with only the plastering and the connection of an expansion vessel for the central heating system outsourced.

Now, two years on we find ourselves with a sound system twice the size of the original DSR, looking and sounding far superior. In addition, we are the proud owners of a record label (see here) with two releases under our belts. But, most importantly, we have gained life affirming memories which will last forever.

Looking forward, we now offer a number of additional services including studio space rental (here) and bespoke production Lessons (here).

Our vision has finally come to fruition and we are all energised and excited by all that it holds.

Info@dsr-soundsystem for all enquiries.

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