I really rate the sound of the DSR soundsystem, it's a perfect combination of clarity and warmth. I'm particularly fond of its excellent bass quality, a feature that is particularly important for Escalate as it's a bass movement. Best thing about the DSR though is the lads, they're sound as f**k and know how to have a good time in the rave.

Escalate Audio : Forward Thinking Bass

We have booked the DSR Soundsystem for many years as it has the perfect sound for reggae and dub which is what we need. Not only that, it can be adjusted for other genres of music such as Drum & Bass, House and Techno. The DSR crew are a friendly bunch with great attention to detail and always go beyond their limits to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible. We highly recommend the DSR Soundystsem and will continue booking them long into the future.

Transit Club Night

DSR, are the whole package. Sound, tech and Crew. The system itself is truly amazing, and of the highest build and quality and has been praised by a number of international guest DJs we have hosted. May seem like a bass system but it can be perfectly adjusted to meet any music type such as house and techno. The team is great and will aim to meet any tech rider provided to the highest set up quality. Great value and a great team to work with. Thanks guys

Minival : Electronic Carnival For Freaks...

The DSR sound system is quality and run by good, professional people that care. It's always a pleasure to play on their sound system.

Youngsta : Rinse FM

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